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Boost conversions and gather insights by letting your visitors swipe through your products, just like popular apps.

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Shopify Dashboard


Define your swipe experience.

Manage cards directly from a separate HypeSwipe collection, or use all available products by default.

Variants: Do you have products with multiple colors? Easily use variants, instead of products, with our 1-click setting.

Collections: Do you want to limit the cards to the collection a visitor is currently viewing? No problem, we've built the feature for that.

Likes vs. Skips

Explore product insights.

Every interaction is securely tracked, so you know which variants are being liked, and which ones are being skipped.

Customer Behavior

We segment sessions by visitors & customers who already have an account with you.

Variant-Level Data

You can see swipes over time, down to the variant level, all without leaving your Shopify dashboard.

We've built the best set of features.

Products & Variants

We support products and variants for the swiper, so you can show each kind of product you offer.


Toggle the ability to load products for whichever collection a visitor is viewing.

Brand Customization

Style the swiping experience so that it matches your branding & website design.

Launch via Links

Open the swiper from any link or button, or use our hovering widget in any corner for your website.

Powerful Analytics

Dive deep into product & visitor insights, directly from your Shopify dashboard.

Open Roadmap

We're always applying feedback from shops to build our product roadmap.

"We needed it, so I built it."

While I was redesigning our Shopify store, I was thinking about the ideal UX for mobile shoppers. The ability to swipe through products that are currently in stock has been a game changer for our business, and I'm excited to offer it to others.

Sebastian Stant

Co-Owner at Sadderday

Easy integration with Shopify.

We built HypeSwipe exclusively for Shopify stores.

There isn't any code required, and you can get up and running within minutes. Simply install the app, and turn on your swiping experience!

Install the App

Start your journey with our free plan. Only pay once you start getting swipes!

Configure your app

Customize the look and feel of HypeSwipe, and decide which kind of cards to show.

Capture more sales

Watch customers swipe through your products & pick their favorites!

Upgrade your Shopify store.

HypeSwipe will help increase sales, average session times, and overall engagement on your store.